Friday, October 22

Try doing two things at once: sing while playing a harmonica.

[00:30] He: Don't you hate or anything like that? Don't you get heartaches and stuff? 
[00:37] She: If you like someone, you just like him. Why does it have to be like that?
[00:56] He: If you turn on the light just once, I’ll make things brighter for you, over and over again. Will you take a chance just once?

This video was an ending to KBS2's Drama Special "The Great Gye Choon Bin" -- a one-hour offer of heart-warming, light drama with a Gatsby spin-off for a title but no similarities in theme whatsoever. And yeah, I'm a Korean drama and movies fan (add a few eye-candy for actors to that) -- but that's as far as it goes, my addiction.

Anyway, I loved this drama for its eccentric theme of unadulterated, unrequited admiration which gets its reward for its honesty right at the very end when the love interest gets bumped in the head and realizes what he's been missing all along. Haha, chick-flick-sucker! Also, it was a learning experience for the main character and me? -- that being involved in an eros makes her feel contradicting emotions. Try it, love someone, and you might as well be hating him at the same time. According to the script, it may be hard doing two things simultaneously, but it's quite doable. My title begs to differ, though.

Well, that's the gist of what at least happened in this very light but interesting drama -- when compared to other or usual dramas I saw.

To be sure, it's guaranteed with a bunch of eccentric people as well [this time, I mean the eccentric part]. You want a detailed recap with an in-depth analysis? Here.

Among other things, what I really loved was this French music [I think] featured in the ending -- which I couldn't find in any drama-addiction site I could get my hands on, unlike Coffee Prince and other popular dramas whose soundtracks were well-listed and linked for [free!] download. So, this is a notice to those who might know something:

Please lang, sabihin n'yo na sa akin ang title nito! 
[Do me a favor and tell me the title of this song, please.]

'Di ako marunong mag-French e.